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Visual Communication

October 10, 2019

learning goal

To apply graphic design elements (color, shape, form) to an original design.


1. Open Adobe Photoshop

2. Follow instruction on Photoshop handouts 1,2 or 3.

3. If you complete all three, move on to Photoshop 4: Layer Styles.

Using your time to practice each of the skills will help next week when we begin a summative project that will require you to apply all of these techniques.

Approaches to learning


  • Respect self, teacher and others.

  • Be positive and encouraging

  • Make best effort

  • Take Responsibility


  • Cell phone is put away

  • Using time to get work done

  • Engaged in a positive way

“Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.”              


                                      -David Carson

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