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Learning as adventure


Experiments in Media is a project-based learning experience in the humanities designed to lead learners to the discovery of global issues through art, music, film and literature.  The experience grows critical thinking, encourages self-discovery, and provokes a natural desire to be engaged in the world.


Experiments aims to find joy in learning, as learners build skills creating with digital media through engaging projects using web-based programs to research, record sound, capture and edit images and video, while collaborating with other learners to document and share work.


The global convergence of technology, information, and media has transformed learning and made it more important than ever to develop cultural competencies and creative skills to succeed in our dynamic new media landscape.  Experiments  will advance learners' ability to communicate fluently across cultures and mediums in an increasingly connected future-- honing skills that can be adapted to school and life.


          Research                                        Critical Thinking                                            Communication                                              Creativity                                            Collaboration

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