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October 4, 2019

Case Study: Nike

Businesses The Nike 'Swoosh' logo is one of the most famous corporate symbols in the world. Nike, Inc. is an organization that people look to as a leading sports brand and a business that encapsulates US corporate power and globalization. Nike, Inc.'s mission statement has two elements:

To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

If you have a body you are an athlete. 

Much of Nike, Inc.'s success is based on the way it focuses on consumers in a sporting context and provides products which strongly support this. In recent years it has, like many multinational companies, suffered from adverse publicity on issues such as working conditions in its factories. It has tried to answer its critics by becoming a socially responsible organization and communicating this to its stakeholders.


Below is a short extract from Nike, Inc.'s website on its corporate social responsibility.

Nike, Inc. shares the widely held view that climate change is a serious issue requiring immediate and meaningful action across government, industry, consumers and society. Nike, Inc. has made cutting greenhouse gas emissions across our operations, incorporating sustainability into the design of our products and reducing the overall environmental footprint a cornerstone of our environmental efforts.


1. Explain the reason for Nike, Inc. having a mission statement.

2. Analyze two strategic objectives that Nike, Inc. might try to achieve.

3. Using Nike, Inc. as an example, outline the main components you might expect to see in its environmental audit.

4. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages to Nike, Inc of aiming to be a socially responsible organization.

October 2, 2019

Product Life Cycle

Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft

Watch Now

The life cycle of a product records the sales of that product over time. The stages of a product life cycle are: introduction, growth, maturity and decline.


The product is first launched. Sales are often low at first, but not always.


If effectively promoted and well-received by the market, sales should grow significantly.


At this stage sales stop growing but do not decline significantly.


Sales fall steadily.


Why Uber and Lyft Will Have A Short Lifespan

October 1, 2019

Learning Goal

Apply visual communication skills through product design.


1. Use Adobe Illustrator to complete your card

2. Export card file as jpg and upload to portfolio

3. Open Adobe Photoshop

4. Use handout to learn Layers, Levels, Vibrance and Hue



  • Respectful of self, teacher and others.

  • Positive and encouraging

  • Making best effort

  • Taking Responsibility


  • Cell phone is put away

  • Using time to get work done

  • Engaged in a positive way

September 30, 2019

Product Branding

Branding can have a real influence on marketing. It can create a powerful image or perception in the minds of consumers- either positive or negative- and can give one firm's products a unique identity.

Choose a brand to research and collect and compile the findings on a grid layout in Adobe Illustrator and print it for display. Show logos and branding or marketing materials and define the colors, font families and other graphic elements being used. Refer to the color emotion guide when creating your analysis to determine what the color of their brand is trying to convey emotionally.

Follow the assignment instructions here.


September 30, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the idea that businesses consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their decisions and activities on customers, employees, communities and the environment.


Objectives that focus on meeting social responsibilities are increasingly important for most business organizations. Companies that focus solely on maximizing value for corporate shareholders often suffer repercussions in the long-term.

Harvard Prison Divestment

Research instances of companies addressing or ignoring social corporate responsibility and then create a race-to-the end board game in which corporations have to navigate their way to their intended objectives (profit maximization, profit satisfying, growth, increasing market share, survival).

Follow the game instructions here.



organizational objectives

Chapter 2

Playing Card


Photoshop 2

Photoshop 3

ATL Self-Assessment

“Knowledge is a consequence of experience."          -Jean Piaget

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