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​A computer program, or code, is behind many of the objects and systems in our lives. Code is like a list of instructions, giving the computer actions to carry out.



​Get started remixing with Mozilla X-Ray Goggles. Mozilla's Goggles allow you to see the code beneath the websites you visit. What's more, you can play with the site's code and make your own changes on a local version of the site that only you can see.



Navigate to a news web site. Find a national news site like The New York Times or The Los Angeles Times Click the Goggles in your bookmark toolbar to turn them on. Now when you mouse over elements of the news page, you’ll see the code underneath.
Change the text and swap in new images. Try changing the headlines or rewriting some of the stories. Edit some of the links and play with font size and color.
Mouse over an image on the page and hit “R” / “Remix.” Then paste in the address/URL for your new image. To get an image from another source, control-click and "Copy the Image Location".

“Everbody in this country should learn to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think." 

-Steve Jobs

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