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personal LOGO

Logo: an identifying symbol (as seen in media formats such as print, television, web etc.).


​Logos are everywhere. They communicate ideas about products and brands to us through simple symbols.
Learn the fundamental ideas of logo design, then create a personal logo that represents you.  


Use the following resources to explore the process of logo design. Think about how to design your logo to communicate what makes you unique.


Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design, Chip Kidd
Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, David Airey
Logo Design Workbook: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Logos, Sean Adams, Noreen Morioka, Terry Lee Stone
Logo Design, edited by Julius Wiedemann
Logo Modernism, Jens Muller and R. Roger Remington






Logo Design with Mark Winn

How to Design a Modern Logo

I Love New York: Meet Milton Glaser


What do you want your logo to say about you? Consider how you might use shapes, color, typeface, grids and negative space to communicate your personal brand.


When designing your logo, use the iterative process.
1. Design a prototype
Create three or four quick illustrated prototypes of your logo.
2. Analyze your prototype

What do you think of your logo? Does it communicate who you are? What do others think of it? Does it need revision?
3. Make it Digital   

With your prototype as a guide, open Adobe Illustrator and create a digital version of your logo. Repeat the process several times. A good design takes many iterations to create a finished project. Embrace the process, not just the final product.


When your logo design is just as you want it, add it to the header of your digital portfolio.

“Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.”              


                                      -David Carson

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