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In the African worldview, death is one of the phases of a person's life. The song Neria by Oliver Mtukudzi, the musician from Zimbabwe, is about the strength of women and how they succeed in facing life's challenges.


“Don’t be disheartened Neria, God is with you (Mwari anewe). May your heart be strong, be strong, God is with you. Death is jealous, it separates those in love. Don’t be disheartened my sister, God is with you.”

"As long as there are people, there is something to talk about. And if there is something to talk about, then there is something to sing about."

For more than 40 years, Oliver Mtukudzi has been playing and recording music that addresses all aspects  of the human existence. Drawing on the beauty and rich metaphorical tradition of the Shona language of Zimbabwe, Mtukudzi has crafted songs of timeless beauty on more than 60 albums. Always prolific and relevant, Mtukudzi continues to travel the world entertaining and inspiring audiences.


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