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I Ain't Got No Home in This World Anymore - Woody Guthrie
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"Woody! Where ya headin'? Amarilla? Hustlin' signs?"

"Cal'fornia," I said. "Hustlin' outta this dam dust!"

"Fer piece down th' road, ain't it?"

"Enda this dam highway! Ain't a-lookin' back!"


Bound for Glory (page 191)

During the Dust Bowl, many Americans headed west hoping to find better living conditions.  Desperate for a new beginning, Woody Guthrie set out from his home in Oklahoma on the road to Texas and then California. What he found was some hard travelin.'

So Long It's Been Good to Know You - Woody Guthrie
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"This was a strange town, with a funny feeling hanging it, a feeling like their were lots of people in it-- the Mexican workers, and the white workers, and the travelers of all skins and colors of eyes, caught hungry, hunting for some kind of work to do. I was too proud to go out like the other men and knock at the doors." (page 201)  

Hard Travelin' - Woody Guthrie
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I been hittin' some hard travelin'

"I kept getting weaker and emptier. I got so nervous that I commenced shaking, and couldn't hold myself still. I could smell a piece of bacon or corncake frying at a half a mile away."


Bound for Glory (page 201)

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