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A selfie, or self-portrait is a portrait of oneself, done by oneself.  Although the concept is simple, there are many ways to capture oneself in a self-portrait. For this project, we will be using a phone or camera to create a self-portait.



   READY. . .


Start by finding some self-portraits that you find cool.  They might be funny, clever, inspirational, interesting, or just beautiful.  Observe the portrait for lighting, camera angle, effects, and what it is that is being captured about the person in the portrait.  Take a look at these examples:


Now check out the 19 photography tutorials here, and learn some techniques for making your photos stand out.

   SET. . .


After gathering inspiration for your self-portrait, think about who you are, who you want to be, and what you want your portrait to say about you. 


Your self-portrait should be a personal expression, inspired by, but not just a copy of something you’ve seen elsewhere. Use props, scenery, pose and lighting conditions to convey your personality. 



Plan your shot.  What will the shot look like?  Where will you take it?  Will you need assistance?


Take as many photographs as necessary, then use phixr to enhance your portrait. When your self-portrait is how you want it, upload it to ThingLink.

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